Rag & Bone Designers Party On at Abbot Kinney Boutique

Courtesy of Rag and Bone
From left: Marcus Wainwright, Kiernan Shipka and David Neville

NY-based design duo David Neville and Marcus Wainwright touched down in L.A. to celebrate a limited-edition Rag & Bone bicycle, designed by Solé Bicycles in Venice.

There’s no disputing that Rag & Bone designers and longtime U.K. pals, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, are two cool dudes. And now, with more than 20 freestanding Rag & Bone stores, along with a weekend-chic line being sold in most department stores, they’ve got one cool business, too. So when they decide to create a limited-edition bicycle with Venice, Calif. bike builder Solé, it’s a big deal. That’s why Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui turned out, as did a lot of other Rag & Bone fans, to a little fête Wednesday night at their Abbot Kinney boutique (their third in L.A.).

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DJs Sebastian Posso and Max V were spinning as guests coveted the new white bike with the Rag & Bone logo (get it while supplies last, which won't be long). Shipka, in Rag & Bone jeans and a white tee, laughed when she was told no one's ever seen her in jeans before. "That’s all I ever wear!" she laughed. "It’s just that people really only see me on the red carpet."

Neville and Wainwright are in demand, traveling around the globe between designing collections. "I’m staying down in Venice tonight, then I’ll move to West Hollywood to look into our Melrose store, which we’re now expanding," Neville told THR. "Then I’m driving to Vegas on Friday morning in a convertible for the big fight. Then Monday night, back in New York for the Met Ball." Is Rag & Bone designing a white tie look for him to adhere to the Met Ball’s mens’ dress code? "I’m not sure, with that schedule," he pondered. "Perhaps." The fight seemed to be the activity he was most agog about.

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Later that evening, Neville, Wainwright, fellow Brit James Corden and wife, plus staff and friends retired to a large table at the outdoor patio of Venice’s beachy chic Arts & Craft’s Rose Hotel – owned and designed by their photographer friends, Glen Luchford and Doug Bruce. "Glen couldn’t be here tonight because he messed up his visa and is stuck in London," Neville announced to guests, all sipping rosé at an al fresco dinner. "But he wishes he was here." Neville spent most of the evening laughing at tablemate Corden’s jokes. "The guy is cracking me up," he admitted, "and I’ve got to get serious before that fight!"

As guests reluctantly headed for the door around midnight, a friend was overheard saying, "Ah, another Rag & Bone party. Wish all events were this cool."