Another Rage Against the Machine Member Slams Paul Ryan, Calls Him 'Stupid' (Video)

Paul Ryan Speech - P 2012
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Paul Ryan Speech - P 2012

Meanwhile, Arcade Fire's Win Butler writes that he supports Obama for at least one "selfish" reason.

Just days before the election, many in Hollywood are making last-minute pushes for their favorite candidate — and taking digs at their opponents.

Case in point: On the heels of Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello calling Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan a "jackass," Rage bassist Tim Commerford  told TMZ that he thinks Mitt Romney's running mate is "stupid" for saying that he's a fan of the liberal rock band.

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"Clearly, he's not smart to be admitting that [he likes Rage]," Commerford said, as captured by TMZ videocameras. "It just seems like it's stupid for him to even bring it up, so he's obviously not that smart of a guy." (Watch the video below.)

In October, Morello slammed Ryan after the politician professed his love of his band.

Rage "is a band that casts the nets really wide, and that’s part of the strength of the band," Morello said last month. "People are drawn to it by the music, the aggression, the rockingness of it, and then they’re exposed to different ideas. Paul Ryan was a jackass before he listened to it, came out a jackass at the end, so he missed a lot of it."

Still, he also expressed disappointment with President Obama.

"I drank a little bit of the kool-aid initially," he said. "It looked different than any other president, sounded different than any other president, and then he acted the same as all the other presidents. If you have war crimes on your record, and you still continue to suck at the corporate teat like he does -- my hopes were higher."

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Meanwhile, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler has penned an essay for Dave Eggers and Jordan Kurland's pro-Obama blog "90 Days, 90 Reasons" supporting the president.

"I am excited for four more years of an Obama presidency for many reasons, but the one I am going to write about is selfish: I want four more sweet years of Canadians liking Americans," wrote Butler, an American who lives in Montreal. "The Republicans will try to convince America that President Obama being a good communicator is somehow a bad thing. Often times politicians act as if the only use of public speaking is trying to get elected. In fact, this kind of personal charisma is perhaps the most direct way a president can pursue America’s interests abroad. Being able to communicate in a compelling way, and engaging other countries as partners and adults, is in America’s best interest."

In comparing the two candidates' ability to communicate effectively, Butler pointed to Romney's Olympics gaffe over the summer in which the Republican candidate questioned London's readiness for the 2012 Games and contrasted that with Obama's recent speech to the United Nations.