Rahm Emanuel Booted From Chicago Mayoral Race

Rahm Emanuel - Bill Clinton Campaigns For Rahm Emmanuel In Chicago - 2011
Scott Olson/Getty Images

With brother Ari's help, Obama's former chief of staff raised more than $10 million from Hollywood heavyweights.

Rahm Emanuel has lost the Chicago mayoral race before it even started.

An Illinois appeals court ruled Monday that Emanuel hadn’t lived in the Windy City long enough to be considered eligible for the Feb. 22 ballot. Even though he maintained a residence there, he had lived in Washington, D.C. since 2009 as President Barack Obama's chief of staff.

Emanuel raised more than $10 million from Hollywood heavyweights, thanks in part to his super agent brother, Ari. Steven Spielberg gave $75,000; Aaron Sorkin, $10,000; Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg, $25,000; and Napster founder Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network), $100,000.

Emanuel had raised significantly more than his five competitors, and was the front runner, according to a Chicago Tribune/WGN television poll.

The Illinois Supreme Court may choose to hear the case.