RAI high on MIPTV, Trade Screenings sales


ROME -- Italy's RAI Trade on Tuesday declared its "best sales season ever," with more sales over a wider area than ever before, after completing MIPTV meetings and their Italian predecessor RAI Trade Screenings in Sardinia.

Sesto Cifola, the head of sales at RAI Trade, said in an interview Tuesday that the screenings in Sardinia produced a record turnout, with more than 200 buyers on hand -- compared with 160 a year ago -- from about 60 territories as far reaching as Russia, the Philippines and South Korea. Cifola said that the Sardinia screenings helped set the stage for more deals at MIPTV and beyond.

"Usually, these two meetings are responsible for 40% or 50% of RAI Trade's total sales each year, but I estimate that this year they will have produced 60% of all our sales if not more," Cifola said.

Among the titles sold were the police series "Detective Montalbano," which sold to ZDF Enterprise in Germany and to France's Europe Image International, among other territories. The comedic drama "Capri" also attracted interest from several territories, and the historical drama "The Viceroys" sold in a half-dozen territories including Russia, Benelux and Sweden.