RAI Trade boasts $2.8 mil profit in 2007


ROME -- RAI Trade, the content distribution arm of Italian state broadcaster RAI, reported a profit of 1.8 million euros ($2.8 million) in 2007.

RAI Trade is not a public company and therefore not required to report financial results, but director Carlo Nardello released the information Friday as part of a wider report on RAI's status that will be presented to the newly elected government.

The government, which will take power before the end of the month, is expected to make changes to RAI's power structure, including appointing new directors and the possible shift of one of the broadcaster's three national television networks from the capital in Rome to Milan, the country's main financial center.

RAI Trade, which is based in Rome, is responsible for marketing and selling RAI-produced content. The company reported earlier in the week that sales at the RAI Trade Screenings in Sardinia and at Cannes' MIPTV this month were both strong.