'The Raid 2: Berandal' Trailer Unleashes More Action Than Most Hollywood Blockbusters

XYZ Films

Director Gareth Evans returns to the martial arts franchise that introduced the world to Indonesian action star Iko Uwais.

From the first screenings of The Raid: Redemption at 2011's Toronto International Film Festival, audiences were high on director Gareth Evans' relentless martial arts picture (The Hollywood Reporter called it "a whole mess of bone-crunching, face-pummeling, throat-slicing and fist-pounding awesomeness").

Reaping solid box-office returns during its art house run, a sequel to the Indonesian action movie was inevitable -- if only to revive star Iko Uwais' fury of punches, kicks and dance-like acrobatics. The first trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal promises just that -- and more.

Whereas The Raid confined the action to a high-rise apartment building in Jakarta, Indonesia, the sequel thrusts its main character, a policeman named Rama (Uwais), into a vast criminal underworld chock-full of violence and corruption.

Though we pick up with Rama in a jail cell, intercut glimpses of the rest of the movie tease bigger car stunts, shoot-outs and hand-to-hand combat sequences than anything seen in the first film.

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The series is proving lucrative for both director and star. The Raid 2 marks Evans' fourth feature. Earlier in 2013, the emerging action director helmed a segment in the horror anthology film V/H/S/2. Uwais can currently be seen in Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi.

The Raid 2: Berandal is expected to finish soon postproduction ahead of a 2014 release. XYZ Films and Evans' own PT. Merantau Films co-produced the film.