Raid in London snares pirated 'Bourne' DVDs


Anti-piracy forces successfully raided a pirate DVD distribution center in London on Aug. 8, seizing more than 3,000 counterfeit DVDs, including what are believed to be the first known counterfeit copies of the Matt Damon starrer "The Bourne Ultimatum," released just last week in U.K. cinemas.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft on Friday said that large quantities of plastic DVD cover sleeves, counterfeit money, fake National Insurance documents, pornographic DVDs and illegally imported cigarettes were captured in the raid on a house in Deptford. Lewisham Council, local police and FACT all took part in the action.

"The operation is a great example of joint working by the Council, the police and investigators from FACT," said John Pye, Trading Standards officer at Lewisham Council. "Counterfeiting is known to have links to organized crime, and that extends beyond what officers found here today. Counterfeit goods and, increasingly, counterfeit DVDs are on the increase, and we will continue to work with our partners to make sure that we keep our eyes and ears open to stamp out these illegal 'businesses' in Lewisham."

According to Kieron Sharp, FACT director general, the sale of counterfeit DVDs in Southeast London is part of a wider national problem.

"There are sophisticated organized criminal enterprises making substantial profits from their illegal operations and we are working with the police and councils across the U.K. to target them," he said. "People should be aware that in purchasing a pirate DVD they are helping to fund criminal organizations and are also affecting the livelihoods of local retailers and their employees."