Raider nation meets Navajo nation again


OAKLAND, Calif.  -- For the second straight season, the Oakland Raiders will have a game broadcast in Navajo, along with English and Spanish.

The Raiders' game scheduled for Oct. 22 against the Arizona Cardinals will be broadcast in Navajo through an agreement with an Arizona radio station. The game would be moved to Oct. 23 if the Athletics, who share a stadium with the Raiders, make the World Series.

Two Raiders games in 2005 were called in Navajo -- against Denver and the New York Giants. All the games are on KTNN of Window Rock, Ariz., which has been broadcasting in Navajo for 20 years.

"Yaateeh Navajo nation aadoo ahxehee" (Hello Navajo nation and thank you), said Raiders chief executive Amy Trask. "We again embrace the opportunity to unite the Raider nation with the voice of the Navajo nation."

The Raiders have broadcast regular-season games in Spanish for the past four years.
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