Ralph Macchio Remains in Lead on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Kirstie Alley falls to third place, while "Psycho" Mike Catherwood brings up the rear despite improving from last week.

After wowing the judges last week -- and receiving a standing ovation -- original Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio is still leading the pack on ABC's Dancing With the Stars following Monday night's performance.

The scores from Monday night's episode will be combined with those from last week's season premiere -- along with viewer votes -- to determine which celebrity becomes the first to get eliminated Tuesday.

Macchio didn't do as well as last week, when he received the highest score of the night with a 24 out of 30; he earned a 21 on Monday night for a total of 45 out of 60.

The judges praised his likability factor but said he "attacked" his performance a bit too much and didn't quite hit all of his kicks.

Last week's No. 2, Kirstie Alley, earned a score of 20 (also down from last week's 23) on Monday for a total of 43, good enough to put her in third place overall. Hines Ward scored 23 points on Monday for a total of 44, which put him in second position.

On the other end of the spectrum, "Psycho" Mike Catherwood remained in last place. He did better than last week, earning a 17 on Monday, adding to last week's 13 for a total of 30, though he was told he "looked like a fly stuck on flypaper" and urged to be "lighter on his feet."

Here's how the other contestants fared:

-- Romeo: 23 for a total of 42

-- Chris Jericho: 23 for a total of 42

-- Chelsea Kane: 18 for a total of 39

-- Kendra Wilkinson: 19 for a total of 37

-- Petra Nemcova: 18 for a total of 36

-- Sugar Ray Leonard: 17 for a total of 34

-- Wendy Williams: 17 for a total of 31

Gail Speight contributed to this report.