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TAYLOR'S TWILIGHT ZONE: Just as Taylor Lautner is about to step into a new role as action star/co-producer (Abduction, due in September) comes word that he won't be depending on Robin Baum of Slate PR to help accelerate his rising star. Baum, who also reps Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig, resigned from Lautner's account after just three months. Word is, his father, Daniel Lautner, isn't the easiest guy in the world to deal with. Taylor's management did not get back to us by press time, and Baum would not comment.

Mrs. Sandler's Story
Adam Sandler's not the only writer in his family. Wife Jackie, a former model, has had small parts in his movies since 1999's Big Daddy, but the mom of two girls has bigger aspirations. Sources tell us Jackie has penned a comedy script -- with help from hubby? -- and sold it to Sony Pictures for an undisclosed sum. Of course, Sony is where Adam's production company Happy Madison is based. A Sony spokesman did not confirm by press time.

Melanie en Anglais
How often is an English-language part rewritten for a French actress who doesn't speak English very well? Well, that's exactly what Beginners writer-director Mike Mills did for Melanie Laurent. "I saw Melanie in Inglourious Basterds," he tells THR. "Then I watched interviews with her, but my French is so bad, I had no idea what she was saying. Then she made a tape for me playing Anna [Ewan McGregor's love interest in Beginners, a family drama due June 3], which was brave, unexpected. And she said, 'I can't speak English perfectly.' So I let her speak French in the film whenever she wanted." And make note that Laurent is not just an actress: She's written and directed shorts, is making her first feature and just released an album in France (some songs are on iTunes) that was co-produced and co-written with ex-boyfriend Damien Rice, who sings a few duets with her. And it's actually tres bon.

Cash for Kardashian
Once the weeklies began to figure out that A-list -- or even C-list -- celeb bride covers go flying off the newsstands, bidding wars ensued, making stars more money than some endorsement deals. Now comes word that Kim Kardashian, newly engaged to basketball player Kris Humphries, sold exclusive pics of her engagement party (with accompanying confirmation) to People for a cool 300 grand. According to an insider, the issue underperformed on newsstands, selling below its average. A People spokesperson had no comment, and Kardashian's reps could not be reached at press time.


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