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Not Gaga for 'Glory': Lady Gaga's video for "The Edge of Glory" has been Twitter-trashed for lack of production values but suddenly became historic because of the June 18 death of saxman Clarence Clemons. It's his final performance -- but it almost wasn't. Video director Joseph Kahn was hired for his high-budget concept in which Gaga was meant to be a mermaid, a la Splash. But when Gaga arrived on set, the singer decided to direct the video herself. Word is, Kahn -- who has since set up a teen comedy at Sony -- didn't see eye-to-eye with Gaga. For instance, he was against including Clemons, wanting a a younger, hipper vibe. Within hours, Gaga whipped up a simple scenario: Lady G, gyrating in '80s Versace on fire escapes, while Clemons wails away on a 227-like stoop.

The Dawg Goes Daytime?

Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric have already thrown their hats into the competitive daytime talk show ring, rolling out chat-fests in the fall of 2011 and 2012, respectively. Could Randy Jackson be next? Sources say the American Idol judge and former record label A&R exec has been pitching a talk show concept to potential buyers around town. Despite his Grammy-winning background, the show would not be limited to musical guests. "He wants to talk about things that will be hip next," says a source who has heard the pitch. Jackson also exec produces MTV's six-year-old America's Best Dance Crew and has produced records for such multiplatinum stars as Mariah Carey, Elton John and Whitney Houston, giving him plenty to talk about on a chat show. "He thinks he has his finger on the pulse," says the source. Jackson's manager declined comment; his publicist didn't respond to requests for comment.

L.A.'s First 'Game Night' Restaurant

Cal Iseminger was an extra on Desperate Housewives when he started to produce game nights for Marc Cherry at Cherry's house. There, he met Felicity Huffman and did the same for her. After Huffman went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and mentioned Iseminger, he decided to open L.A.'s first "Game Night" theme restaurant, Vodvil, at 351 N. Fairfax. It's due in mid-July. With partners Kabrel Polak, a former agent, and Josh Saltman, a former Disney lawyer, they've created a '70s-style throwback with retro food and drink and private-party rooms (booked through April, they say), all for karaoke and communal showbiz Trivial Pursuit. "I want it to be like the Hard Rock but kitschier," says Iseminger.

Club Ellison

There have always been comparisons between St. Tropez and Malibu, but there might be more soon. Talk in the 'Bu says Larry Ellison is bringing famed French beach club Le Cinquante-Cinq to one of his Malibu restaurant spaces, part of the $180 million parcel of lots he purchased in 2004 and '05. An Ellison spokesperson did not return calls.