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Adam Bernstein

DOMINIC DOMINATES: Yes, Dominic Cooper modestly admits it's the biggest moment of his 33-year-old life. He spoke to THR from Comic-Con, where he was promoting his tour de force indie The Devil's Double, which opens July 29 -- just days after Captain America, in which he plays Iron Man Tony Stark's father. "I have noticed a change in the way the industry regards me," he says. The actor was until recently known for small roles, but since Double screened at Sundance, buzz has been building that his dual roles as the late Uday Hussein and the man forced to be his double will earn Cooper an Oscar nom -- and it already has garnered him A-list offers. On awards buzz: "It's such a privilege to just be mentioned, but I think it's best to say little. Except this: I'm considering Botox in the forehead!"

Ellin's Other Entourage
In last season's Entourage, Ari Gold refers to a woman named Alison Brod as a c--. Turns out creator Doug Ellin is friends with the real-life Alison Brod, an N.Y. PR exec who went to Tulane with Ellin -- and she doesn't hold a grudge. At her home in Bridgehampton on July 23, Brod invited about 85 other Tulane alums and friends to toast Ellin, 43, for his last season of Entourage -- and his new HBO show Forty, about 40-year-old pals in New York. About half the guests were people on whom Entourage characters are based. As for the onscreen slur, Brod tells THR, "It was actually good for my career."

Scorching July Forecast
For Miranda July -- artist, filmmaker, actress and author -- it's a heady time between her sculpture show at MOCA and her movie The Future, out July 29. So too for her writer-filmmaker husband, Mike Mills, whose Beginners is getting awards talk. How's this for coincidence? Future stars a talking cat and Beginners a talking dog. "There are overlaps in our sensibilities," July laughs. "But it wasn't in our face until the films were about to come out. I wish we had a better explanation for this!"

Moore Trips to Israel
Some folks will go anywhere for a bat mitzvah. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher went to one in Israel in October and are headed back in August as guests of Philip Berg and Karen Berg, heads of L.A.'s Kabbalah Centre, who are presiding over a bat mitzvah there. The center did not return THR's calls.

Power Lunch
Kiefer Sutherland and a colleague talked shop over sliders and J&B Scotch at the Cleo at the Redbury hotel bar. … Leonardo DiCaprio, French footballer Thierry Henry, other Europe-based soccer players and Alex Pettyfer descended on Fig & Olive's indoor terrace; their orders included branzino with figs, organic chicken and filet mignon. … At Bouchon the same day: Jerry Weintraub with his family, Bruce and Emma Willis, photographer Norma Jean Roy, Greg Kinnear, LACMA's Michael Govan and Katherine Ross and regular Reese Witherspoon. … David Arquette with a friend, lunching on sashimi and seaweed salad at Sushi Roku Pasadena.