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James Franco's Tell-All: An essay by James Franco, who leaves no highbrow stone unturned, appears in the winter issue of n+1. What's n+1, you ask?  It's a Brooklyn-based intellectual journal that prints 10,000 copies thrice yearly and is read mostly by Ph.D. candidates and avant-garde artists. Among articles about digital literary analysis and Occupy Wall Street, the actor reveals how much he came to hate Tristan & Isolde director Kevin Reynolds while on a physically injurious shoot in Prague in the mid-2000s ("He was like, 'James, cut out the attitude.' I guess my attitude was that I didn't like him"), and how his co-star in Annapolis, Tyrese Gibson, "ended up not liking me very much." So why did Franco spill his secrets to a tiny journal? As n+1 writes in its preface to the piece, the actor hopes to address "the psychological economy of the star." Noble impulse obliged.

Gary Oldman's Oscar Zen

While the whirlwind turns into a tornado around first-time Oscar nominee Gary Oldman, the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star is trying to stay still amid the fray. "Everyone around me -- my manager, film PRs, Oscar campaigners -- is running around saying, 'We've got to get Gary another Q&A!' and 'Gary's got to do more press!'" he tells THR. "I've never had a publicist, [a] big reason this is my first nomination. I'm trying to stay centered and let them all buzz around me. I really had no idea what a big deal this is. Now that I'm in it," he says with a smile, "I learned it's a big f--ing deal!"

Barrymore, Bottled

Actress, producer, director -- vintner? Drew Barrymore, with business partner Kent Cummins, has launched Barrymore wine, a Pinot Grigio from the Delle Venezie region of Italy. She even put this message on the bottle: "Drew Barrymore has created this wine in honor of her family. Her travels throughout Italy inspired her to create a Pinot Grigio that she enjoys with family and friends, and hopes that you will as well. Proceeds from the purchase of the wine will benefit charity." Revolver, the club co-owned by Chris Miller of Barrymore's Flower Films, was the first place in the U.S. to serve the wine. It also has just arrived at K&L Wine Merchants (1400 Vine St.), and a large quantity is shipping to other California locations. It'll be nationwide by this summer through Young's Market, one of the country's largest wine distributors.

Footloose Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is an equal opportunity dance partner. First it was with Channing Tatum at the CAA Globes party; then at the London premiere of A Dangerous Method on Jan. 31, he couldn't resist slow dancing with Viggo Mortensen -- for an entire song.

This Really Is War

Life looks to be imitating art for Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, who play best friends turned rivals in the McG-directed This Means War, out Feb. 14. Onscreen, their feud arises when they learn they're dating the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). Sources say the actors -- opposites by nature (Hardy a British tough guy with a substance-abuse past, Pine a straitlaced L.A. native) -- developed an antipathy on-set. "Tom had just come off Warrior and acted like he was the bigger man. Chris was as professional as possible but finally he just had it," says a source on the production. Adds another on-set source: "They both seemed to think they were the bigger star." When Hardy didn't attend the junket in London due to flu, many insiders jumped to the conclusion that it was because of the tension. (He did make it to the premiere.) Fox declined comment, Hardy's reps didn't return calls, and Pine's camp called the brouhaha "an absolute fabrication."

Power Lunch

Newbie restaurant Cooks County -- which is co-owned by actress Adria Tennor Blotta, who has a small role in The Artist -- has turned into quite the clubhouse. Robin Tunney and Debi Mazar have become regulars. Other recent table sightings: John Slattery, Alexis Bledel, CAA's Bob Bookman, House writer-producers Eli Attie and Peter Blake, Gossip Girl writer-producer Sara Goodman and producer Jeff Kleeman. … Il Covo saw Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman breaking bread, then The Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper on another day. Other visitors: Jack Nicholson, Ray Romano, Ricki Lake, Jane Fonda and Michael C. Hall. … Craig's has seen a typically steady stream: Hugh Jackman, WME's Patrick Whitesell, Fox's Tom Rothman, Denis Leary and, dining a deux, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler. … Clooney also visited Soho House, where Starz's Chris Albrecht, Bryan Singer and Emmy Rossum were in at the same time. (Brett Ratner raised eyebrows for a special shooting session with a lady friend in the photo booth.) … John Lithgow and his wife dined at Hatfield's with another couple. On another occasion, Sacha Baron Cohen arrived with guy friends. … Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick at the Hungry Cat. … Zac Efron, glued to his iPhone, along with a trio of buddies, also glued to their iPhones, at Sushi Roku. … Taylor Lautner, chowing down on a very rare steak at Locanda del Lago. … Tilda Swinton and Sharon Stone shared a table at e. baldi. On another day, Kate Hudson sat outside.


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