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Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Mobli 2.0

THE LEO-TOBEY-LUKAS POSSE RIDES AGAIN: BFFs Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas were in Austin during South by Southwest to celebrate Mobli 2.0, a video/photo social-media platform that allows people to share content through channels such as fashion, travel and nightlife. DiCaprio, who flew up from the New Orleans set of Django Unchained with model girlfriend Erin Heatherton, is a Mobli investor along with Maguire and Haas, who introduced his buddies to the firm. "I'm still finding my voice in the social-media space," Maguire told THR about his first tech investment at the March 10 launch party at sushi spot Kenichi. "I was impressed with what it can do." But perhaps the best pitch came from an unlikely source: Haas' 66-year-old mother, Emily, an Austinite who refers to DiCaprio and Maguire as Lukas' "udder brudders." Explained Mama Haas: "It's like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook combined -- only better!"

More Housewives Courtroom Drama

Art will imitate life on the two-hour May 13 series finale of Desperate Housewives. Offscreen, fans have been transfixed by former castmember Nicollette Sheridan's ongoing civil court case against showrunner Marc Cherry, ABC and Disney. She alleges they conspired to kill her off in 2009. Onscreen, THR has learned that the series will climax on a murder trial determining who shot Mike Delfino, the late husband of Teri Hatcher's character, Susan Mayer. Delfino is played by James Denton, who testified in the Sheridan case March 9. A Housewives source notes the irony of the parallel but insists it's a coincidence.

As Weinstein World Turns

Rumors are rampant that Sarah Greenberg Roberts is departing her post as head of publicity for The Weinstein Co. Roberts deserves plenty of credit for helping Harvey Weinstein snag a number of top Oscars, so it's not clear why she'd leave. COO David Glasser's reaction: "It's completely not true. Sarah is under contract until the end of 2012." … Meanwhile, there's no end to Weinstein's social calendar. While in D.C. for an MPAA screening of Bully (out March 30), the mogul will attend the White House State Dinner for British PM David Cameron on March 14.

The Kennedys: Yet Another Sequel

Joseph P. Kennedy III -- the 32-year-old grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy and son of former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II -- is running for the Massachusetts congressional seat that Barney Frank will vacate in 2013, and now he's heading West for Hollywood cash. On March 21, Bobby Shriver is hosting a fund-raiser for his cousin at his Santa Monica home. Maria Shriver and Rory Kennedy will be co-hosts, as will Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, and Kelly Meyer. Tickets for the event run to $2,500. Polls show Kennedy up by a 32-point margin over Republican Sean Bielat.

The Next September Issue

Move over, Anna Wintour. Former French Vogue editor and Tom Ford stylist Carine Roitfeld is about to get her own documentary close-up. The producers behind Jean Dujardin's latest film, Les Infideles, are following Roitfeld's progress on her new magazine (which is loosely related to Irreverent, the book of her work published last year). Fabien Constant, who has worked with Roitfeld on fashion videos over the years, shot her during the most recent Paris Fashion Week and says, "It will be partly in English, partly in French. Carine and I have to speak French to each other -- our English isn't very good." The plan is to release the doc a few months after the magazine makes its debut in September so that Constant can put the opening fete into the film.

CAA Agent's Less-Than-Kosher Israeli Dinner

After CAA held a Bill Maher-moderated, standing-room-only speaking engagement for Israel President Shimon Peres at its headquarters March 10, the agency's Adam Berkowitz hosted a private 14-person dinner for the president in Bouchon's Champagne Room. Although Israeli dignitaries typically at least make a show of keeping kosher while on business abroad, Peres apparently couldn't help but help himself to some oh-so-treyf oysters and shrimp from the raw bar. The president also visited DreamWorks during his several-day tour of the Southland.