Rambling Reporter

Meyered in Politics: Move over, Barack. Hollywood is throwing weight behind another fund-raising Democratic candidate this election season -- even though her re-election isn't for another two years. THR hears that Ron and Kelly Meyer are hosting a Sunday-afternoon soiree to support California Attorney General Kamala Harris at their Malibu house April 29. Harris won't run for a second term until 2014, but she is starting to organize. Melissa Etheridge will perform an acoustic set at the party, and Bob Iger and Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg are chairs. But when it comes to Hollywood, Harris has little to worry about: Campaign records show that when she ran in 2010 for her first term, Jamie Foxx gave $6,500, the Katzenbergs $26,000, Iger $5,000 and Reese Witherspoon $1,500.

THR Goes Psycho

A copy of The Hollywood Reporter from June 17, 1960, will make its film debut in Hitchcock, about the making of Psycho, starring Anthony Hopkins as the director and Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh. THR's favorable review, which ran on page 3, will appear with the headline, "Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Is a Top Mystery Thriller: Tingling Melodrama, Hot Box Office Bet." Says Cristina Colissimo, who's doing props on the film: "The issue is in pretty good shape. I think we will use the actual issue but make a new cover to protect it."

The Original Gangster

There no doubt will be renewed interest in notorious midcentury Los Angeles gangster Mickey Cohen in the fall, when Sean Penn stars as the crime boss in Gangster Squad. But Tere Tereba's new book Mickey Cohen: The Life and Crimes of L.A.'s Notorious Mobster, out May 1, portrays another side of the tough guy: would-be movie star. During the late 1950s, renowned screenwriter Ben Hecht was working on a Cohen biopic with the gangster's encouragement. "Mickey planned to play himself but then asked Jerry Lewis to take the part," Tereba tells THR. "Lewis said anything involving him needs to involve levity, so he suggested Robert Mitchum instead." The movie never was produced, nor was a later project writer Budd Schulberg also tried to get off the ground with Cohen's blessing.

Disney Girls Gone Wild "It's like a bomb, and I'm detonating it!" admits notoriously edgy indie auteur Harmony Korine (Trash Humpers) of the intent behind casting Disney princesses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens in his just-wrapped Spring Breakers, a nouveau-exploitation beach noir in which the normally angelic duo play bleach-haired, gun-toting college coeds on a Florida crime spree. Rarely do two big names try so hard to prove they're not so innocent on the same project. "I had an idea of girls in bikinis with ski masks and Uzis," says Korine. "There was something amazing about getting Selena and Vanessa to do it -- bringing them into my world."

The Unlikely Marty Singer Fan Club

When tough-guy attorney Marty Singer was honored as Entertainment Lawyer of the Year by the Beverly Hills Bar Association on April 18, the dinner program was packed with ads from predictable supporters such as law firm Ziffren Brittenham. But a couple of ads congratulating Singer -- known for cease-and-desist letters aimed at news organizations -- stood out, like one from tabloid TMZ.com that read: "No … we're not gonna change the headline." American Media, home of The National Enquirer, provided the kudos on the back page. And why would Warner Bros., which Singer sued for $100 million for his client Charlie Sheen in 2011, buy an ad that reads, "Warm congratulations"? Singer has a theory: "I guess it's better to be friends than enemies with me."

Power Lunch

Brian Grazer at The Polo Lounge with producer Tony To. Both Rande Gerber and The Expendables star Terry Crews made the rounds. … Randy Jackson and Lionel Richie were each in on consecutive days at Scarpetta at Montage. Also visiting: Jimmy Iovine and UTA's Michael Camacho. … Another back-to-back visit was Ryan Gosling at Thai Town cult favorite Jitlada. For his second encounter, he brought his mother. … Sandbar Pictures producer Lizzie Friedman ducked into Le Pain Quotidien on Melrose. … Robert Downey Jr. rushed into Scarpetta, late for brother-in-law Robert Levin's 40th birthday party, still wearing Tony Stark's T-shirt fresh from The Avengers reshoots. … Spotted at Ammo: Transformers executive producer Mark Vahradian lunching with A Better Life producer Christian McLaughlin. … Halle Berry brought her daughter to Geoffrey's Malibu. … Usher, who soon will star as Sugar Ray Leonard in Hands of Stone, ate at Lexington Social House. … Dr. Dre stepped into Katana the day after his performance with a holographic Tupac at Coachella. … Radiohead's Thom Yorke, the band's tour manager Peter Yozell and Yozell's wife, Mad Men costumer Janie Bryant, brunched at Norma's at the Parker Palm Springs during the first weekend of the music festival.