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Fake celebrity magazine covers on display at the City of Fire show reveal a certain gallows humor.

Lohan's Death Cover: The fake celebrity magazine covers by street artist TrustoCorp on display at the City of Fire show at Stephen Webster's Beverly Hills jewelry store/gallery reveal a certain gallows humor: One In Touch-spoofing headline blares, "Zombie Kim Kardashian Eats Herself (Unsuccessfully Seeks Brains at Mother's Home)." But another, proclaiming the death of Lifetime's Liz & Dick star Lindsay Lohan, might cross the line. Reps for Lohan declined comment, while TrustoCorp, in light of Lohan's recent situation, gingerly tells THR, "The commentary is not about Lindsay Lohan's death but about how tabloid magazines would report on her death."

Pitt's Netflix Cameo

Netflix's House of Cards, the political drama due in January from David Fincher, until now only has had three name stars associated with it: leads Kevin Spacey (also a producer), Robin Wright and Kate Mara. Sources now say Fincher pal Brad Pitt is game to play a very small guest role so well-written that Tom Cruise suddenly has expressed interest, too. A third unnamed A-list talent also has thrown his hat into the ring.

Serial Outfit Returner

Victoria Beckham increasingly is lauded for her clothing designs -- Neiman Marcus says it can't keep her skinny clingy dresses on the floor. So what was she doing in Barneys Beverly Hills recently, trying on clothes and buying nearly everything she saw? A source at the store inferred this happens frequently -- but claims that Beckham returns almost every garment within a few days. Is she really that undecided about her wardrobe? Beckham's camp declined comment.

Standard Smack-Talking

A-list club Smoke & Mirrors, which has drawn everyone from Harvey Weinstein and Sean Penn to Zoe Saldana, has left the Standard hotel on the Sunset Strip -- either booted or of its own accord, depending on who's talking. The original buzz was that the Standard soured on the toughest door in town after Amanda Bynes made headlines for partying there before her DUI arrest. But S&M owners Paul Sevigny and Armin Amiri (who already have relocated the club to Hollywood) tell THR that had nothing to do with it. Instead, they felt lowballed by an offer to work on the Standard's summer pool scene and also grew suspicious that hotel employees were leaking information. "Every time Lindsay Lohan was in the parking garage, the press found out," says Sevigny. Adds Amiri: "The crowd that they were finally getting here was gorgeous. They will be sent back to the age of darkness." For its part, a rep for the Standard maintains the club "ran its course" and the space, now to be known as mmhmm, will be "taking a new direction with Darryl Gibson from Bar Marmont at the helm."

Why Rodney King Footage Mattered More in 1991

News of Rodney King's death June 17 brought director John Singleton back to bystander George Holliday's video of the 1991 police beating, which emerged the same year as his breakout film about South Central life, Boyz N the Hood. "The video is a time capsule," says Singleton, who met King in April as part of a discussion on the 20th anniversary of the L.A. riots and advised him on joining the speaking circuit to augment his income. "It happened in a moment when images had more power. There was less desensitization." While it would be seen even more widely today on outlets like YouTube, adds Singleton, "it wouldn't necessarily have the same impact because we're so used to the sensationalism of verite footage."

Power Lunch

All in at the same time at Tower Bar: Al Pacino, Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. Another day, NBC's Bob Greenblatt shared the room with producer Donald De Line and the Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone twosome. The same week, Scarlett Johansson said hi to John Mayer, who was breaking bread with Bravo's Andy Cohen. … At The Grill on the Alley, David Ellison and Dana Goldberg of Skydance Productions were in together one day, producer Jack Rapke with lawyer Jake Bloom another. … Toni Collette at Hollywood's Hungry Cat. … How's this for eclectic? "Judge" Judy Sheindlin, Simpsons voice Nancy Cartwright and The Tonight Show bandleader Rickey Minor separately at Scarpetta. … Linda Gray stopped into Planet Dailies after promoting Dallas on Extra. At other times: Joan Rivers and The Voice's Adam Levine. … Denzel Washington crowded into tiny Sushi Park while Jimmy Kimmel, Management 360's Bill Choi, Screen Gems senior vp Eric Paquette and his wife, screenwriter Jessica Postigo, also were there. … Chris Pine and producer Arnold Kopelson, separately, at Angelini Osteria. … Cooks County has been pulling the TV crowd of late: Producers J.J. Abrams, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Mitch Engel have all been in.