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Russell Brand Bolts: He might be a major cutup, but Russell Brand doesn't have a great sense of humor when the joke's on him. He arrived to walk the red carpet at the FX Summer Comedy Party for his new talk show, BrandX, and Anger Management on June 26 at Lure nightclub in Hollywood, and while speaking to one reporter, he noticed a duo "covering" the event for Perez Hilton's website dressed as Katy Perry and Brand's character from Get Him to the Greek. Brand sounded the alarm to his 42West publicist Holly Shakoor, who told Hilton's flamboyant comedic correspondent La Coacha and company it was not cool to dress up like Brand and Perry. He then skipped the party, saying he had to re-edit an episode. FX reps had no comment about how "reporters" for Hilton managed to obtain red-carpet credentials. Charlie Sheen Half-Naked

Meanwhile, his Two and a Half Men anger might be contained, but that doesn't mean Charlie Sheen is manageable. He showed up two hours late to the aforementioned FX party to promote Anger Management. Once he arrived, Sheen, according to eyewitnesses, couldn't walk straight -- then suddenly decided to switch shirts with one of the actors who appeared in the pilot, his chest on full display as he stripped out of his shirt. Once he got inside the party, Sheen talked to long-waiting reporters. Regarding the demise of Men, he told THR: "It all got icky because of me. … Those guys were fine; they were classy. … I was a f--ing idiot. … Print, 'Thank you, Chuck.' "

Arquette: Mama's Boy

Who puts shots of their mother in her birthday suit on the walls of their new nightclub? David Arquette hasn't only named his new Rat Pack-esque throwback venue Bootsy Bellows after the pinup handle of his mother, Mardi, a former burlesque dancer who died in 1997 of breast cancer. He has decorated the Sunset Strip hotspot with a slew of seriously racy (as in, topless and bondage) vintage photos of her, too. "We scoured the Internet -- eBay, collectors -- and found them," Arquette tells THR. "People are like, 'Dude, your mom is naked all over your club!' But it's actually an embracing of it. It was the '60s and New York, and later she went on to become a marriage and family counselor. This is a way of honoring her youth." Arquette, whose late father, Lewis, was a puppeteer and whose great-grandparents were a famed vaudeville duo known as The Funny Hebrew and The Singing Soubrette, is proud of the familial design touch but foresees complications: "I don't know what I'm going to do when I walk my daughter [Coco, 8] through there; I'll have to cover it up," he says. "But for a grown-up club, it's a fun way of exploring naughtiness."

Kinnaman Makes a Killing With H&M

The Killing star Joel Kinnaman is moving swiftly up the TV/film food chain, from the AMC series to the indie movie Lola Versus to the remake of RoboCop, in which he'll star opposite Gary Oldman. But he interrupted his American acting trajectory for something more down-home -- home as in his native Sweden: an H&M commercial. The Swedish retail giant picked a Swedish actor and director for the men's fashion spot that will air globally in September. "I'm shooting in London with director Jonas Akerlund," Kinnaman tells THR. "I'm not exactly a male model, but Jonas has made many of Madonna's videos, and I wanted to work with him. And I do like clothes; I have an investment in the way I present myself to the world."

The Book of Mad Men

There have been nearly as many Mad Men books as snarky Roger Sterling one-liners, with tomes covering everything from cocktails to philosophy to the show's retro fashion by costumer Janie Bryant. Until now, though, there hasn't been a collectors' edition official book. But Taschen Books' Benedikt Taschen -- the Matt Weiner of art-book publishers, one might say -- is taking it on himself, producing, with Taschen executive editor Jim Heimann and Weiner, the definitive Mad Men book, expected in fall 2013. It will include never-before-seen photos and exclusive interviews and go far more in depth than any other show-related book. The episodic will be given the same treatment as Taschen's historic archive-film books, with director's cut-style material, interviews and motivations behind episodes.

Power Lunch

The Artist's Uggie, sporting a black bow tie, charmed the patio at The Ivy while chowing on lobster ravioli and creme brulee. He sat opposite his owner-trainer. … Jessica Chastain and her CAA rep Hylda Queally shared a booth at The Polo Lounge one day, and Barbara Davis enjoyed the patio on another afternoon as Barry Manilow took refuge indoors. … WME's George Freeman met up with Anonymous Content's Sandra Chang at e. baldi, while ICM's John Burnham took a seat nearby. … Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, screenwriter Peter Morgan, Ron Perlman, producer Bob Kaplan and his wife, Marilyn Black of Rustic Canyon Management, all visited Giorgio Baldi on the same day. … Carey Mulligan was sequestered in a hidden-away booth at The Grill on the Alley while Gersh agency head Bob Gersh held forth from a more prominent one. … Electus head Ben Silverman, Warner Bros. Records co-president/CEO Todd Moscowitz and Rocco DiSpirito broke bread at Scarpetta while Seth MacFarlane sat at another table. … LL Cool J, Cee-Lo Green and Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped by Planet Dailies on consecutive days. … Emma Stone had a Sunset Tower meal with Cameron Crowe, which looked like a project meeting. A few nights later, her beau, Andrew Garfield, arrived with his parents and his agent, CAA's Joel Lubin. … SNL and MacGruber writer John Solomon downed cheese enchiladas and a margarita at Casa Vega. … Lawless director John Hillcoat lounged at the poolside Cabana Restaurant at the Four Seasons Los Angeles. … Dianna Agron tucked into a chopped salad while sipping a glass of rosé at Ray's and Stark Bar at LACMA. … Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus hit up retro diner Patys in Toluca Lake.



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