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2012-30 TOWN Gabby Douglas P

Clearly all that Olympic hair flak went to Gabby Douglas' head. The gold medal-winning gymnast isn't waiting for Wheaties dollars to roll in before embarking on a makeover.

Gabby Gets a Makeover: Clearly all that Olympic hair flak went to Gabby Douglas' head. The gold medal-winning gymnast isn't waiting for Wheaties dollars to roll in before embarking on a makeover. She had her hair styled into long waves by Ted Gibson then tweeted a photo. And she and her mother recently were spotted shopping in the shoe and cosmetic departments at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, then the Louis Vuitton shop-in-shop. Interesting because Mom filed for bankruptcy protection in January in Virginia. The balance beam seems to have balanced the checkbook.

The S.S. Adam Goodman

Paramount Film Group head Adam Goodman celebrated his big 4-0 by escaping the wife and kids to be with an entourage of six of his favorite fellas -- three of whom are in the business (i.e., producer Beau Flynn) -- on a party yacht for a week off the Exuma island chain. Ahoy, mateys!

Montgomery Clift's Lover

Actress Phyllis Thaxter, who died at age 92 on Aug. 14, was best known as Superman's mom in the 1978 film. But daughter Skye Aubrey tells THR there was another major milestone in her mother's life: a love affair with Montgomery Clift when they were both 20. The pair co-starred in the 1940 Broadway play There Shall Be No Light and shared a New York apartment until Clift, later known to be gay (though he never publicly came out), dashed the young actress' hopes: "He told her he didn't really think he could ever be married."

Elwes: Mile-High Hero

Film producer Cassian Elwes has been the toast of the Twittersphere since he tweeted the harrowing tale of talking down a highly unstable fellow passenger on an Aug. 19 JetBlue flight from New York to Los Angeles. The plane was diverted to Denver so the man, who identified himself as a Marine and former heroin addict named Marco, could be arrested for assault. As Elwes tells it, after Marco had groped a pregnant woman and growled at other passengers, Elwes volunteered to sit next to him, hoping to calm him until police could intervene on the ground. "I went into my agent mode," says the former William Morris employee. "It was like talking to a crazy actor who wants to walk off a movie set, someone who isn't listening to logic. It's about playing into their ego and anger." It worked -- in due time. Elwes, now at work on Lee Daniels' The Butler, soon had Marco telling him about his recent short-story writing effort (the protagonist was, gulp, a kamikaze pilot): "It was fine. I've dealt with nuttier personalities in Hollywood."

Power Lunch

At Ammo on Aug. 16, Universal co-chair Donna Langley held court at one booth while producer and former Fox Filmed Entertainment head Bill Mechanic was seated nearby. Also in the room: APA TV agent Marc Kamler and TV producer Eli Frankel. … Two days earlier, Brian Grazer and Ron Howard shared a booth at e. baldi. Brad Grey and Bob Daly were in the house as well. Visiting at other times: E! president of network strategy and news chief Cyndi McClellan, Ivan Reitman, producer Arnold Kopelson, Rob Reiner, Natalie Cole, Al Pacino, Sidney Poitier, Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Nicholson, Larry David and Catherine Zeta-Jones with her WME agent, George Freeman. … Julia Roberts at FIG in Santa Monica. … Tyler Perry hit Geoffrey's in Malibu for the second time in recent weeks. … A pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar nibbled on a salad at The Backyard at the W in Westwood. … Director Michael Mann broke bread with ID PR's Mara Buxbaum at The Grill on the Alley. … John Cho dropped by Ray's and Stark Bar. ... Music manager Nic Adler dined with BrandLink Communications' Greg Link at Izakaya. … Director Christine Yoo met with Jessica Alba at Le Pain Quotidien in West Hollywood.