Rambling Reporter at NYFW: Sarah Paulson Will Pee on Seventh Avenue?

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
Sarah Paulson

On day six of Fashion Week at the Miu Miu after-party, the "American Horror Story" actress imagines how her hard-core fans would react to, uh, unladylike behavior.

Sarah Paulson may have an IMDB page that can rival any seasoned actress, but the American Horror Story star says she's just now starting to feel the effects of fame. "I love it. I've never had a hard-core fanbase," she said at Miu Miu's after-party at the Diamond Horseshoe on Tuesday. "But now I feel like I could go out and take a pee in the middle of Seventh Avenue and I have fans who would be like: 'That's the best pee I've ever seen!' And I feel like that's kind of awesome." Despite her ever-growing group of followers -- both in real life and on social media -- due to the popular FX show, Paulson said she tries to be receptive as much as possible, even when not everyone is being nice. "I always try to be super responsive. Like on Twitter, I answer them as much as I can, even though they say mean shit and are cocksuckers to me, and I'm like, 'Dude, I am responding to you. I'm not an octopus. I don't have nine thousand hands. I can't do it that quickly.' " As for New York Fashion Week, it's Paulson's first time. "I've never been invited in this way before," she said. She'll also make appearances at Marchesa and Marc Jacobs. Other guests at the Miu Miu after-party, which included Cirque de Soleil-type performers and a special video starring Riley Keough, included Bella Thorne, Ireland Baldwin, Jessica Joffe, Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan.

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Everyone wanted a piece of Helena Christensen on Tuesday night. The 45-year-old model co-hosted Vs. Magazine's "Better" issue launch in Tao's lounge, with the club's creative director Nur Khan. As soon as Kate Bosworth arrived at the party with her husband, filmmaker Michael Polish, the pair made a beeline for Christensen. Bosworth immediately dived into a conversation with Christensen about fashion, from clothes to the shows. And she wasn't the only one: Fabritizo Moretti from The Strokes also made sure to get some one-on-one time with Christensen later in the evening to chat with her about fashion and music. Also at the party were Russell Simmons and Cory Kennedy.

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One of the most intriguing parties of New York Fashion Week didn't even have to do with fashion. Author and writer Glenn O'Brien hosted a book party in the Chelsea Hotel for his book Penance on Tuesday, complete with a place for guests to do just that. In a plain white, empty room bordering the hotel, guests were greeted by O'Brien perched in a chair with a confessional pew and candles in front on him. But did any take the bait? "A few people said they wanted to confess. I said 'You've got to call me, so I can record it. I'm not hearing any confessions tonight,' " O'Brien said. Penance is made up of confessions from a night about a year and a half or so ago in the Chelsea Hotel. Guests that took time out from NYFW to attend the bash, which appropriately served communionstyle red wine and bread, included event producer Susanne Bartsch, filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Khan, photographer Gilles Bensimon, Purple magazine's Olivier Zahm, Arden Wohl, hotelier Sean MacPherson and his wife Rachelle Hruska. "I'm really pleased," said O'Brien."My wife [Gina Nanni] is a publicist, but I'm firing her and hiring Nadine Johnson!" It was Johnson, the owner of Nadine Johnson & Associates, who organized the very fashionable party for him smack in the middle of a very busy week.