Randy and Evi Quaid Could Remain in Canada for a 'Considerable Period'

TORONTO – Randy and Evi Quaid could soon make themselves at home in Vancouver if immigration authorities okay their refugee application.

“We may have Mr. Quaid up here for a considerable period, based on current processing delays,” immigration lawyer Richard Kurland told the Vancouver Sun newspaper Sunday.

An immigration tribunal hearing planned for the Quaids on Thursday may well help determine whether they are fugitives from American justice or able to join a long line made up by Tamil boat people, U.S. Iraqi war deserters
and others pursuing Canadian refugee applications, Kurland added.

The Quaids were arrested in Vancouver last week after failing to show up for a Santa Barbara court hearing a week ago to answer felony burglary charges and misdemeanor counts over damage to a house they once owned.

The couple were released by Canadian authorities, and ordered back for another court hearing in Vancouver on October 28.

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