Randy and Evi Quaid Seek Asylum From 'Hollywood Star Whackers'

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi said Friday that they're seeking asylum in Canada to escape "Hollywood star whackers."

The statement came during a break in an immigration hearing in which the couple claimed that they're being persecuted in the United States, and that friends like David Carridine and Heath Ledger have been "murdered" under suspicious circumstances, reports the CBC.

The Quaids were arrested In Vancouver Wednesday after police discovered that they were wanted on outstanding warrants in the United States for failing to show up to a Santa Barbara court hearing on Monday. 

The "Kingpin" star and his wife were released from detention after their hearing and are scheduled to appear before officials again on Oct. 28.

Quaid says he did not go to Canada to escape the warrants, and was considering relocating to Vancouver to restart his career. He said during Friday's hearing, "I love Canada. It's been a very welcoming nation to me. I would not do anything to besmirch my reputation."

In the U.S., the Quaids are facing felony burglary charges and misdemeanor counts after allegedly moving back into and damaging a home they once owned in Santa Barbara, CA.

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