VIDEO: Randy and Evi Quaid Demand to Be Interviewed at Canadian Ice Rink

Mark Mullane

The actor, seeking refugee status up north after skipping a court appearance in California, and his wife proudly waved the Canadian flag and told a news parody show that they and Michael J. Fox are being targeted by 'star whackers.'

Evi Quaid is skating circles around her Canadian hosts.


This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the Canadian news parody show, on Wednesday captured footage of Evi Quaid, with husband Randy Quaid looking on, as she skated in a bikini and a Mohawk hairstyle on an ice rink at General Motors Place in Vancouver.

The set-up was 22 Minutes co-host Mark Critch interviewing the Quaids about their current Canadian immigration and legal woes.


A suddenly beardless Randy Quaid wore a checkered lumberjack coat and wife Evi sported a hockey stick flying the Canadian flag on the very ice where Team Canada beat Team USA to win hockey gold at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

"We were told by their legal team that, sure, they'd be interviewed, only on one condition: We had to do it at a rink," Critch recalled Thursday.

Well, the Canucks are most at home in a hockey rink, and Critch said he offered the Quaids much advice on how to live like Canadians, as they're now seeking to do pending an upcoming immigration and refugee status hearing for Randy Quaid.

"I told them to just apologize for things, even if you're at fault. And if there's one country on Earth where a star can disappear, it's Canada," Critch said.

The 22 Minutes host said the interview took a more sinister turn when Evi Quaid turned the focus to "star whackers," or an apparent cabal of Hollywood star killers out to murder the Quaids and fellow stars like Canadian-born A-lister Michael J. Fox.

"We're talking and joking and having fun, but when we got to the star-whacking thing, you can tell that they believe that there's people out there trying to kill them," Critch said.

Another talking point: U.S. bounty hunters crossing the border to take the Quaids back home after they forfeited bail money after failing to appear at scheduled court hearings in California.

"I told them not to worry about Dog the bounty hunter. It's Canada, it's cold, and Dog doesn't own sleeves. So he'll turn back at the border," Critch told the Quaids.

Randy Quaid's application before immigration authorities in Vancouver to stay in Canada has been put over to Nov. 23.

22 Minutes is produced by DHX Media and airs on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

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