Randy Quaid Claims Canada Saved His Life

Repeating his now-famous claim about Hollywood “star whackers,” Randy Quaid on Tuesday said Canada’s asylum system has saved his life.

Quaid made the comment to reporters in Vancouver as he arrived for a third appearance before the Immigration and Refugee Board as it considers his refugee application, the Canadian Press newswire service reported.

The immigration board delayed hearing Quaid’s asylum bid until December 22 to give the actor’s lawyer, Catherine Sas, more time to review government documents associated with the case.

Quaid and his wife, Evi Quaid, are attempting to stay in Canada and avoid a return to California where they face outstanding warrants for their arrest on vandalism charges.

The couple recently forfeited a $1 million bond for failing to attend scheduled Santa Barbara court dates.

Evi Quaid has been given permission to remain in Canada because her father was born here.

Randy Quaid faces long odds on securing asylum here as the Immigration and Refugee Board each year grants only a handful of refugee claims by Americans.