Randy Quaid Rants Against Rupert Murdoch in Bizarre Video

Quaid said he and his wife have been put through a "living hell of biblical proportions."

Randy Quaid had a lot of accusations to go around in a new, odd and NSFW video he posted with his wife, Evi Quaid. The rant was directed at Rupert Murdoch for participating in a conspiracy with News Corp, Warner Bros. and TMZ.

In the clip, Quaid said he helped News Corp and Warner Bros. earn "well over a billion dollars" with his roles in Independence Day and Christmas Vacation.

He said that in return, Warner Bros. executive Bruce Berman stole his house, the New York Post smears him "to high heaven," and Warner Bros. had he and his wife arrested six times by TMZ. He calls this "hashtag P.M.C.: police-media corruption."

"Evi and I have been put through a living hell," said Quaid, "a living hell of biblical proportions." Then he announced he still has "a few tricks," and, while wearing the shirt he wore when he "saved the world," he handed his wife a mask of Murdoch to wear.

"So, Rupert, you want to f— me? I’m going to f— you,” he said toward the end of the clip, before simulating sex with his wife as she wore the Murdoch mask.

The Quaids have been living in Canada, having moved there in order to avoid vandalism charges in California. They have claimed they need to stay in Canada because they "fear for their lives for real criminals of organized crime" in Hollywood.

The video has been taken down from YouTube for violating its anti-bullying policy. You can watch it on Vidme here.