Rapper Fetty Wap Hit By Car in New Jersey

Meredith Jenks

He was injured while riding his motorcycle.

Rapper Fetty Wap was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle in his hometown of Paterson, N.J., on Saturday, Sept. 26.

Fetty Wap’s condition was unknown as of publication, but the 24-year-old rapper's DJ, Louie Styles, tweeted he was OK. Fetty Wap was seen being taken away and placed in an ambulance on a gurney in numerous social media snapshots around 1 p.m. Eastern time.

An eyewitness told TMZ  that the rapper was on his motorcycle and tried passing one vehicle, and then collided with another vehicle driving in the opposite direction. Billboard has reached out to Fetty Wap's representatives for further information.

“Fetty Wap crashed right next to the preschool my sister went to in Paterson hope he is good,” an onlooker tweeted.

Fetty Wap, who released his self-titled debut album on Friday, is known for such hits as “Trap Queen,” "679" and "My Way.”

“I don’t give a goddamn if the album don’t make it nowhere,” Fetty Wap recently told Billboard. “I don’t care if I don’t sell 100 copies if all my family bought it. None of that extra shit matter to me, bro, as long as I get a chance to live a dream a lot of people didn’t.”

See some crowd-shot photos of the accident below.

This story first appeared on Billboard.com.

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