Raquel Welch Pays Tribute to Director Stanley Donen: "Are You Kidding? He's Legendary!"

20th Century Fox/Photofest
Stanley Donen on set of 'Lucky Lady'

The actress reminisces on how the 'Singin' in the Rain' director, who died at 94 on Feb. 21, cast her as Lust in 1967's 'Bedazzled.'

I wasn't too keen on doing the film. When I got the call, they said, "Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are doing a movie about the seven deadly sins and they want you to play Lilian Lust." And I was like, "Ugh, I don't need to wear something skimpy again." I was about to turn it down and then they said, "And Stanley Donen is directing." I was like, "Are you kidding? He's legendary!"

I met him on the set in London right before we started shooting. I didn't have many lines; all I did was saunter up in a red lace bikini and say, "Hot buttered buns?" I did it in a Southern accent because I figured Lust came from a hot [climate]. We shot it from different angles and I kept waiting for Stanley to say something — "Dial it back" or "More hip thrust" — but he didn't hover.

Stanley was a class act. He had a great sense of humor, but he wasn't a showoff. He did everything, comedy and musicals, and worked with all the heartthrobs. But he used them so smoothly and beautifully. The man was a genius, I think. He was part of Hollywood history, the best part.

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