Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos Go on Sale

Courtesy of The RealReal
Marilyn Monroe portrait by George Barris

The George Barris-lensed portraits, available for sale on The RealReal for a 3-day flash sale, captured the photogenic starlet in her easygoing, goofy element.

Marilyn Monroe is often synonymous with old Hollywood glamour and all the decadent clothing, luxurious jewelry and exaggerated beauty looks that go with it. But deep down, the movie star was not all that different from any of us. In fact, had she been around today, we have no doubt Monroe would've had an amazingly goofy and playful (and wildly popular) Instagram. 

In a curated collection of rare portraits from George Barris' series, Marilyn: The Last Photos, the photographer managed to capture Monroe's more relatable, happier moments right before her death in 1962. (See: Marilyn drinking wine on the beach, Marilyn drinking wine on a hillside, Marilyn drinking wine in a mid-century modern living room — you get the idea.)  

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During a three-day flash sale, the photographs will be available for purchase on The RealReal, with prices ranging from $1,700 to $1,800.

“There's something so unique and captivating about these photos taken of her by George Barris,” said The RealReal’s fine art director, Brittany Gersh. “He had a strategic way of removing himself and morphing into a simple conduit between the subject and viewer. It's only appropriate that these were the last photos taken of Monroe before her death, as they perfectly embody the approachable, effortlessly chic, and completely carefree spirit that resonated so strongly with her fans."

See a preview from the collection below: