'Ratatouille' brings comfort to boxoffice

U.K. bow pushes Disney pic's o'seas total to $271.4 mil

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TORONTO -- A tasty opening in Britain helped "Ratatouille" remain top chef at the international boxoffice, with estimated weekend ticket sales of $21.2 million from 3,416 screens in 34 territories.

The Disney/Pixar cartoon retained its international lead after ringing up an estimated $9.8 million in Britain at 500 locations.

In Germany, "Ratatouille" bit off an estimated $6 million at 970 dates (off 22% from last weekend) to take its market total to $20.6 million. In its second weekend in Austria, the animated movie pulled in a projected $1.1 million from 130 runs for a market cume of $2.9 million.

The film also retained the No. 1 position in German-speaking Switzerland (an estimated $810,000 at 104 dates), Denmark (an estimated $575,000 from 100 locations), Norway (an estimated $545,000 off 79 screens) and Greece (an estimated $395,000 at 136 dates).

In its 11th weekend in France, "Ratatouille" earned a projected $605,000 from 518 screens to take its market total to $59.4 million.

The latest frame raises the international cume for "Ratatouille" to $271.4 million, making it the third-biggest Disney/Pixar release ever, and the sixth-biggest animated title ever released by Disney.

This weekend's performance brings the global tally for "Ratatouille" to $475 million, around $10 million short of the world cume for "Toy Story 2."

Next up for the Disney/Pixar powerhouse is an opening in Italy on Wednesday, and Friday bows in China, Sweden, Poland and Finland.

Finishing second this weekend is Sony Pictures Releasing International's "Resident Evil: Extinction," with projected boxoffice of $6.15 million from 1,365 dates in 12 markets.

Factoring in boxoffice from a separate Summit Entertainment release, the weekend tally for Screen Gems' "Extinction" totals an estimated $9.67 million.

The horror-thriller franchise's international cume is $40.6 million.

Openings for "Extinction" included a projected $1.9 million on 320 screens in Britain, another $1.28 million at 250 dates delivered in Italy, an estimated $1.15 million in Australia off 135 screens, and $140,000 in Argentina on 25 screens.

The No. 3 slot goes to Paramount Pictures International's "The Heartbreak Kid," which grossed an estimated $5.5 million from 1,113 screens in 5 markets. The Ben Stiller starrer got on the scoreboard in Spain with an estimated $1.8 million from 301 screens. In its second weekend in Britain, the Farrelly brothers comedy grossed an estimated $1.8 million from 401 locations, bringing its market total to $5.7 million.

The international cume for "Heartbreak" now stands at an estimated $14 million.

Fourth overall was the Jamie Foxx starrer "The Kingdom," which grossed an estimated $5.4 million from 1,461 locations in 20 territories.

Debuting in 17 territories, the Universal International thriller opened in Japan with an estimated gross of $750,000 off 216 screens, bowed in Germany with $800,000 at 298 dates, and pulled in another $300,000 in estimated gross in Thailand at 44 dates.

Fifth place overseas was Warner Bros. Pictures International's "The Brave One," delivering a projected $4.9 million in boxoffice from nearly 2,400 runs in 40 markets.

The Jodie Foster starrer had openings in Australia (an estimated $761,000 from 202 prints), Mexico (a projected $724,500 at 300 dates) and Korea (an estimated $647,000 from 118 prints).

Warner Bros. also reigned in Spain with the local release "El Orfanato," which grossed an estimated $8 million over four days on 348 screens.

Other international titles this weekend include Paramount's "Stardust," which saw an estimated $4.7 million in ticket sales from 1,648 locations across 39 markets to raise its international cume to $32.1 million.

The film opened in 12 territories and rung up an estimated gross of $1.4 million from 247 locations in Italy, as well as $408,000 in Brazil from 139 dates.

Universal International's "The Bourne Ultimatum" posted an estimated gross of $4.1 million from 1,880 screens in 46 markets. The Matt Damon action-thriller has another eight market bows, including Italy on Nov. 1, Japan on Nov. 10 and China on Nov. 15.

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry," another Universal International contender, delivered an estimated $3.7 million at 1,830 dates in 35 markets to take its international total to $53.7 million.

"Knocked Up," also from Universal International, pulled down an estimated gross of $1.8 million at 753 dates in 30 markets, raising its international cume to $58.2 million.

And Sony Pictures' "Superbad" was on good behavior with an estimated $2.23 million on 1,840 screens in 22 markets, while Sony's "Surf's Up" chuckled its way to an estimated weekend gross of $1.77 million on 1860 screens in 36 markets.

Elsewhere, 20th Century Fox's "The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising" produced an estimated weekend gross of $2.6 million on 1,000 screens across 7 territories, to take its early international cume to $3.6 million.

And Warners' "No Reservations" delivered an estimated $1.6 million from approximately 1,500 dates in 48 markets to raise its international total to $45 million.

International cume updates: Paramount's "Shrek the Third," $470.4 million (weekend estimate is $600,000 from 622 dates in 64 territories); Fox's "The Simpsons Movie," $340 million.