'Ratatouille' squeezes out best-reviewed honor

RottenTomatoes.com also picks 'Knocked Up," 'Waitress' and 'Sicko'

Fox Interactive Media's leading destination for both casual movie-goers and film aficionados,  Rotten Tomatoes, Tuesday announced the release of its latest compilation list of best and worst reviewed movies from the first six months of 2007. Rotten Tomatoes' "Mid-Year Report" highlights the top 25 best-reviewed films and the 10 worst-reviewed films thus far this year.

With July marking the halfway point for 2007, Rotten Tomatoes' "Mid-Year Report" encompasses a wide range of movies, from blockbusters to micro-budgeted independent films. Disney and Pixar's latest animation creation, "Ratatouille", resonated with moviegoers and critics alike and was quick to earn the "Certified Fresh" branding from Rotten Tomatoes. With any crop of quality films in the first half of the year come disappointments and this year's list included some of the worst reviewed films to date. "Because I Said So" landed at the bottom of the list as the worst-reviewed movie thus far this year. Even with high box-office numbers, movies such as "Norbit" could not translate the dollars into approval from the critics and Eddie Murphy's quirky comedy came in at number 5 on the worst reviewed list.

Best Reviewed Movies
1. "Ratatouille"
2. "Away From Her"
3. "Once"
4. "Knocked Up"
5. "Hot Fuzz"
6. "Sicko"
7. "The Host"
8. "Zodiac"
9. "Waitress"
10. "The Lookout"

Worst Reviewed Movies
1. "Because I Said So"
2. "The Number 23"
3. "Premonition"
4. "The Reaping"
5. "Norbit"
6. "Perfect Stranger"
7. "Happily N'Ever After"
8. "Are We Done Yet? "
9. "Code Name: The Cleaner"
10. "Hannibal Rising"

The list encompasses movies from January to June with 50 reviews or more, and Rotten Tomatoes used a weighted system that factored both Tomatometerâ„¢ ratings and the actual number of reviews. The Tomatometer is a tool that measures the percentage of favorable print, broadcast, radio, and online reviews from accredited film critics across the nation to rank movies as "Fresh" (60% or above) or "Rotten" (below 60%).