'Ratatouille' teams  with 'Ben'


NEW YORK - THQ, publishers of Disney/Pixar's new "Ratatouille" video game, is sponsoring Cartoon Network's live-action movie "Ben 10: Race Against Time," providing viewers with exclusive insider tips on game play during the movie premiere Wednesday night and activating promotions across several Cartoon Network platforms.

"THQ is helping us cook up an action-packed night of programming around the premiere of our 'Ben 10' movie by providing fans of the show an exclusive insiders' look at the new 'Ratatouille' video game," said Beth Goss, executive vp, Cartoon Network ad sales, marketing and enterprises. "This is a perfectly timed partnership to kick off the holiday 'wish list' season during one of our highest profile events of the year."

Throughout the day Wednesday, viewers tuning into a "Ben 10" marathon on Cartoon Network will see a custom spot created to drive viewers to watch "Ben 10: Race Against Time" that features exclusive information on the new "Ratatouille" video game. "Ratatouille" creative billboard commercial adjacencies were also created to run within the movie, along with the exclusive tips and tricks on the THQ game.

The "Ratatouille" video game from THQ will also sponsor the special "Ben 10" page at CartoonNetwork.com, including a link to the official video game web site. Exclusive "Ben 10" content will also be available for download at CartoonNetwork.com, with "Ratatouille" pre-roll featured at the start of each podcast.

"Ben 10: Race Against Time" is the second live-action full length film for Cartoon Network.