The Raunch-O-Meter

Oscar winner The King's Speech was branded with an R rating for just a handful of undeleted expletives, but that pales against the gross-out moments featured in this summer's crop of raunchy comedies, which more than earn their R's.  It's been a race to the bottom as each movie tries to be more outrageous than the next. And moviegoers can't get enough of it: The Hangover Part II and Bridesmaids are the top two-grossing comedies of the year as Hollywood gets increasingly down and dirty.


Dumb and Dumber (1994)
Toilet humor got the royal flush as Jim Carrey treated a cop to his urine and slipped Jeff Daniels a laxative.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 30

American Pie (1999)
Jason Biggs' close encounter with an apple pie gave new meaning to the words "dessert topping."
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 60

There's Something About Mary (1998)
A seminal moment for hair products: Cameron Diaz mistakes Ben Stiller's bodily fluids.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 90


Bad Teacher (June 24)
Justin Timberlake doesn't bring sexy back, revealing a telltale stain after dry- humping Cameron Diaz.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 32

Horrible Bosses (July 8)
Jennifer Aniston gets overly friendly, demanding four-letter-word phone sex from Charlie Day.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 43

Bridesmaids (May 13)
Gastrointestinal distress fells Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig, forcing a bridal-shop evacuation.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 50

Hangover Part II (May 26)
One night in Bangkok, and Ed Helms is humbled, becoming a she-male's unwitting butt-boy.
► Raunch-O-Meter Rating: 96