Raunchy Local Comedy 'S.D.U.: Sex Duties Unit' Opens Strong in Hong Kong

"S.D.U.: Sex Duties Unit"

Producer Pang Ho-cheung's "Vulgaria" followup has grossed $1.14 million at the local box office and was the top Chinese-language film of the week.

HONG KONG – Will lightning strike twice? Will writer-director-producer Pang Ho-cheung repeat last summer's raunchy Hong Kong box office success of Vulgaria? These are the questions that have been swirling around S.D.U.: Sex Duties Unit, distributed by Media Asia and produced by Pang.

The new film, in fact, did respectably, coming in fourth place in the weekly top ten list -- and as the highest grossing Chinese-language film during the week of July 22-28, with a $97,000 (HK$6.2 million) take.

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S.D.U.: Sex Duties Unit, the raunchy sex comedy about a group of elite paramilitary tactical unit members' carnal adventures in Macau, opened widely on July 25, but has been in limited release since July 13. The film has so far grossed $1.14 million (HK$8.9 million) at the local box office.

Producer Pang was responsible for last summer's top Chinese-language release, Vulgaria, which raked in $3.9 million (HK$30 million), and ushered in a wave of what has become known locally as "vulgar comedies." 

Like Vulgaria, S.D.U. stars Chapman To and Matt Chow, alongside Shawn Yue (Pang's Love in the Buff), and Derek Tsang (South Korean heist hit The Thieves). It was directed by newcomer Gary W.L. Mak, and written and produced by Pang.

It's yet to be seen whether the comedy will become the Chinese-language top dog of the summer, as the current holder of the title belongs to director Johnnie To's Blind Detective, which has taken $1.9 million (HK$14.9 million) since its July 4th bow and is still running.