Raven-Symone Apologizes for Remarks About "Ghetto" Names

Raven Symone The View - H 2015

Raven Symone The View - H 2015

"As an equal opportunity employer, I have never discriminated against a name ... even though I said I would, it's not true," Symone wrote on her Facebook page.

After getting slammed for her comment on The View on Oct. 9 that she wouldn’t hire someone with a "ghetto" name, Raven-Symone issued an apology late Sunday night on her Facebook page.

"My comments about discrimination have spun out of control," the View cohost began. She went on to acknowledge that she herself has been the victim of discrimination. "I have been denied many jobs because of my skin color, body size, and age," said Symone. "Each time I was rejected, my self esteem was negatively effected, so I empathize with those who feel victimized by what I said."

She went on to disavow entirely her comment that "she is very discriminatory against [certain words] … "I'm not about to hire you if your name is 'Watermelondrea.' " she said. "It's just not gonna happen. I'm not gonna hire you."

On Facebook, Symone closed by saying, "As an equal opportunity employer, I have never discriminated against a name....even though I said I would, it's not true. My comment was in poor taste. My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for." She added,  I would also like to say that on Friday my account was hacked, those are not my words."

According to reports, Symone's claim that she was hacked refers to her Twitter account, where on Friday, someone tweeted from her account: "I am NOT African American nor black. It took me time to find myself and I have finally done so. To be honest, I am actually 'Dark White.' " Symone in

On Friday, Symone's father, Christopher B. Pearman, also took to Facebook to defend his daughter, while also condemning her comments. In response to the many questions about her remarks he said he received, Pearman wrote, "I haven't managed Ravens career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions."

"I did my best as her father, mentor and career manager," Pearman continued. "I believe I did a Wonderful job. Aside from this inexcusable gaffe, her 29 years in the entertainment industry has been quite successful, for there have been only an Elite Few Child Stars to last this long and have little to no controversy. For this, I am Very Proud!"

To My Dear Friends,There has been much talk today about my daughters comments on her show The View. People have been...

Posted by Christopher B. Pearman on Friday, October 9, 2015