Ray-Ban Celebrates Aviator's 75th Anniversary With Limited Editions of the Classic Style

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - P 2012

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - P 2012

Two iconic versions of the glasses -- the Shooter and the Outdoorsman -- have been redesigned and feature photo-chromatic yellow lenses that darken as the light brightens.

For the Aviator’s 75th birthday, Ray-Ban has launched a limited-edition collection of sunglasses to celebrate the lenses’ progression since their debut to the public in 1937.

The Ambermatic capsule collection of aviators, with the campaign slogan “Legends Never Hide,” features two redesigns of the Aviator -- the Shooter and the Outdoorsman --  which is designed with curved temple tips. The styles in the collection feature the photo-chromatic yellow lenses, which become darker as the light brightens and depending on the increasing warmth of the temperature, a technology Ray-Ban pioneered in 1978.

Ray-Ban has only produced 18,000 pairs worldwide. This exclusive line  is sale now at select Ray-Ban stores internationally, at Sunglass Huts and on the website, costing $210 per pair. It's a well-known fact (OK, we just made it up) that everyone looks cooler in Aviators. And we can't help but think that Aviator-loving stars such as Megan Fox, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and British supermodel Kate Moss, will soon be wearing these cool new yellow editions. 

Five years ago Ray-Ban began their “Never Hide” campaign, but now it’s gay-inclusive. One of their newer ads features two men dressed in 1940′s-era business suits, walking down a cosmopolitan street, holding hands, with the headline “Never Hide,”  

To further celebrate this 75th anniversary milestone, Ray-Ban has launched a global advertising campaign drawing inspiration from real-life tales of individuals who dared to defy convention. Decade by decade, photographer Mark Seliger has focused on legendary personalities, from pilot Raymond Swalley to homosexual writer Taylor Mead and musician Norman Blagman.