Ray Rice: 5 Most Incendiary Quotes From Baltimore Ravens Press Conference

Ray Rice - H 2014
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Ray Rice - H 2014

Team owner Steve Bisciotti refutes an ESPN report saying he Rice a job as hush money

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti gave a press conference on Monday afternoon to address the team's handling of the Ray Rice situation and to refute charges that the team lobbied the NFL for leniency for its former running back, as detailed in an ESPN Outside the Lines report

At times, Bisciotti seemed to contradict himself and also rebutted the notion that he dangled a future job to Rice as "hush money." According to ESPN, Bisciotti sent Rice a text message saying he would "have a job waiting"  for him "helping young guys getting acclimated to the league." He also blamed Rice's camp for smearing the Ravens for their own advantage. 

"I think it's obvious that the majority of sources are people that work for Ray. Almost everything in there is anonymous, but it's clear from the subject matter that it's Ray's attorney, it's Ray's agent, and Ray's friends. They are building a case for reinstatement, and the best way to build a case for reinstatement is to make everybody else look like they're lying."

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Here are the 5 quotes that he may have fumbled:

1. "I feel regretful because in my heart of hearts if we had gotten the tape early on in the Spring and Roger [Goodell] had seen it, I think it would have been a precedent-setting, multi-game, maybe eight-game suspension or maybe indefinite. Ray ... would have had a better chance at being forgiven."

2. "You'd think that if I could get a favor out of Roger it would not be something that would be publicly revealed ... I was expecting a standard four to six game suspension. ''

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3. "What we're seeing is that the league has never elevated domestic violence to the level we should have ... I have full confidence in Roger."

4. "The facts speak for themselves. That story was manufactured to tie my promise to take care of him down the road as hush money. Let me say if I cut a guy making $6 million a year, if I'm promising him to be by his side and hire him for $100,000 a year five years from now so he can help Harry Swayne in our development department, if that's considered worthy of him 'going along' I find that absurd. It would take him 150 years to make back the $25 million that I took away from him by cutting him."

5. "I believe in my heart that Ray would be a great addition to us when it comes to trying to steer these guys, young men to grown men."