Ray Romano Loves to Work: "I Have to Keep Moving or I Catch Up With Myself"

The 'Get Shorty' star discussed his acting processes and the scariest scenes he's done with the Comedy Actor Roundtable.

"I heard Denzel Washington say it once in an interview, 'Tell the young actors, "Write your backstory,"'" Ray Romano told The Hollywood Reporter during the Comedy Actor Roundtable. "So I do that for each character I get cast in now," the Get Shorty star said of his acting process. "I always put my father in there. I'm always trying to please my father."

Romano opened up about the scariest scenes he has performed during his career, saying, "I did a threesome in Vinyl. I'm still sad that that show got canceled. I had to do a nude scene. It was me on a bed waking up in Vegas after a night of craziness.

"In that episode, I had nudity and had to be drunk in the same episode, and sometimes that's even scarier, to play drunk," he told the Roundtable.

After his nine-year run as the star, writer and executive producer of Everybody Loves Raymond, Romano said he fell into a really difficult time that he did not expect. "My therapist said, 'Do you want to start coming twice a week now?' and I said, 'No, I don't have things to say to you once, I have to make stuff up for 30 minutes,' and four months later I was going twice a week."

Romano reiterated some sentiments from his fellow Roundtable members, saying, "We all love to work," and being "idle is not good."

"The way I describe it is, I have to keep moving, or I catch up with myself," he said.

Romano has three career Emmys — one for his leading role on Everybody Loves Raymond and two for best comedy series for Raymond. He has an additional 13 Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe noms for his work as an actor, writer and producer on the series.

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