RBC to add 100 screens, reorganize

India's largest theatrical chain to expand capacity

NEW DELHI -- Reliance Big Cinemas said Thursday it will add 100 more screens by next year, enhancing its existing 213 screens in 66 cities to 85 cities.

Already India's largest theatrical chain, globally RBC operates 459 screens, including India, the U.S., Netherlands and Malaysia.

RBC will also be reorganized into two business strategic units, based on geographical division, which now sees the unit's COO Tushar Dhingra focusing on the company’s operations in north, east and central India.

Also joining the company is Ashish Saksena, who is COO for west and south India. Earlier, Saksena was CEO of New Delhi-based multiplex pioneer PVR Pictures where Dhingra also served as a senior executive.

RBC is owned by RBE's affiliaite Reliance MediaWorks Ltd., a diversified film services company. Like Dhingra, Saksena will also report to Reliance MediaWorks Ltd CEO Anil Arjun.