RCTV back in the danger zone


MEXICO CITY -- Venezuela's government is threatening to pull the plug on private network RCTV once again.

RCTV went off the national airwaves in late May after the government refused to renew its broadcast TV license. President Hugo Chavez has accused the broadcaster of backing a failed coup against him.

This month, RCTV resumed transmissions on cable and satellite systems.

Now, the government says that, according to Venezuela's media law, the network must air public service announcements, including the president's speeches. If RCTV does not comply by Wednesday, the government has threatened to remove the broadcaster from the airwaves once again.

Thus far, RCTV has refused to comply. The network argues that it is now an international broadcaster based out of Miami and therefore no longer required to comply with rules established for national broadcasters.

Venezuela's Telecommunications Commission insists that the rules still apply to RCTV because it continues to produce local content.