RDF to make 'High School Musical' spinoff

'Club High School Musical: Make It Happen' to air next month

LONDON -- Disney Channel U.K. has commissioned RDF Media to produce a U.K. "High School Musical" spinoff competition show that will see four die-hard fans of the global franchise take on the challenge of creating an "HSM" dance performance.

"Club High School Musical: Make It Happen" will follow the fans over four days in the build-up to the production, and will be executive produced for RDF division the Foundation by Nigel Pickard, former head of BBC Kids and controller of ITV, who said the show would be "a great creative collaboration" between RDF and Disney.

Disney Channel vp Jonathan Boseley said the show would mirror the "positive themes of teamwork and friendship" of "High School Musical" that had inspired kids around the world.

The series will air in November on Disney Channel U.K., with four 15-minute episodes per week.