RDF launches Web-focused unit


LONDON -- RDF Media, the production shingle behind "Wife Swap" and "The Verdict," is launching a new division focused exclusively on creating digital content for Internet distribution, the company said Thursday.

Headed by Zad Rogers, the London-based division will work closely with RDF's multigenre development and production teams to build up the video entertainment business. It hopes to tap into the popularity of such sites such as YouTube, Flickr and Google Video, which have enabled a wide range of video content to find audiences on the Web.

"Video content is finding its way onto the Web at an unprecedented rate due to advances in technology and quicker, more widespread broadband connections in the U.K.," said Rogers, the originator of Channel 4 property show "Location Location Location."

"RDF, with its track record as a producer of innovative popular programming is in fantastic position to serve the needs of a range of potential customers in this fast-moving new market," he added.