'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Teresa and Melissa Try to Move Forward

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Three new ladies join the cast as Teresa Giudice struggles with her legal problems and Melissa Gorga butts heads with an estranged friend.

It was time for tears, dessert and discussion of adult circumcision on tonight's Real Housewives of New Jersey season six premiere. The episode featured Teresa Giudice struggling with her ongoing legal drama, along with the introduction of three new cast members, one of whom appears to have a longstanding beef with Melissa Gorga.

The episode began with a scene filmed in February 2014, with Melissa calling sister-in-law and former foe Teresa to wish her well after news broke that Teresa and husband Joe accepted a plea deal in their federal fraud case. Teresa explained that they hadn't accepted the deal yet, and Teresa's oldest daughter, Gia, cried as she revealed to her mother that she knows what the family is facing. Gia's three younger sisters don't appear to know yet about the court case.

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The show then flashed back three months. Returning cast member Dina Manzo brought longtime pal Teresa an orchid and bracelet. Teresa confessed to Dina that she stays up at night worried about the case, particularly due to the huge amount of money the family is spending on attorney fees. Dina has stress of her own, given her cheating hubby, whom she is separated from but still sleeping with. 

Three new ladies joined the cast in this episode: Teresa Aprea, who is married to outspoken restaurateur Rino (whom she had previously divorced); Nicole Napolitano, who is divorced and has a boyfriend of nine months; and Amber Marchese, who has four kids and is a recent breast cancer survivor. Amber and Melissa knew each other in their 20s, back when they would party their "butts off" (Amber's word choice), although they haven't kept in touch.

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Amber — who prides herself on controlling every tiny detail of her life — threw a harvest party, inviting her new and old friends, along with a bunch of Teresa A.'s "guidette" pals, as Amber termed them. Teresa G. and Dina arrived, with Dina grousing that Amber didn't put salt down on the icy walk, and Teresa feeling sensitive that people were gossiping about her family's issues.

Amber and Melissa's reunion after years of not speaking was quite rocky. Amber sniped that she went to college while Melissa married for money, although Melissa recently refuted this claim in an interview with THR. Amber was shocked to learn that Melissa didn't know about her cancer battle, as Amber claimed Melissa sent her a supportive Facebook message, which Amber apparently deleted. The first guests to leave were Teresa A. and husband Rino, who was ready to go now that he'd provided the other guests with intimate details about his circumcision at age 27.

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Later, Teresa G. and Joe threw a party for Joe's grandmother's 80th birthday, inviting over the entire extended family. Teresa made desserts for the party, as she is starting her own dessert line to make extra money. The family posed for a massive group photo, followed by Joe giving a speech where he thanked his family for always supporting him. Gia started crying while listening to him, and then they both shed tears and shared a hug afterward. 

Do you like the new cast members? Do you think this will be an interesting season? Are you hoping Rino never mentions his circumcision again? Let us know in the comments!

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