'Real Onigokko 2' gets online preview

Phantom Films releases first five minutes online

TOKYO – The first five minutes of “Real Onigokko 2” has been released onto the Internet as a promotional tool by Phantom Films before its June 5 release.

Like the first installment, it is directed by Issei Shibata and stars Takuya Ishida once again going into a parallel universe where demons are out to kill everybody named Sato – Japan’s most common surname.

"Onigokko" is the Japanese name for the children’s game "tag," with "oni" being a devil or demon.

The low-budget first “Real Onigokko” – titled “The Chasing World” in English -- pulled in a respectable 500 million yen ($5.6 million) at the domestic boxoffice in 2008, and it looks like some of that has been used to up the production values on the sequel.

“We thought releasing it on the Net was a good way to let people get a proper look at the start of the film, and make them want to come and watch it,” said a spokesperson for Phantom Films. who said it wasn’t the first time a film had been promoted this way.
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