RealD to Fit 100 More Cineplex Screens in Canada With 3D

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Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros. Pictures

Deatheater masks and breastplates were made in hard resin and painted with a new metal-effect paint to give the look of polished steel.

The latest deal with the 3D technologies provider comes as the exhibitor screened tentpoles like "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2" in 3D and Imax versions.

TORONTO - Canadian exhibition giant Cineplex Entertainment has pacted with RealD Inc. to bring 3D to another 100 screens in its nationwide circuit.

The latest deal with RealD is set to have Toronto-based Cineplex at 500 RealD systems in its multiplex network by June 30.

Cineplex has also been adding Imax screens as 3D movies perform better with Canadian cinema-goers than with Americans stateside, and bring in premium ticket prices for the immersive experience.

The Canadian exhibitoir is betting more 3D-enabled theaters will allow multiple 3D movies to play in a multiplex at the same time.

With the death of film looming, Cineplex’s digital offerings also includes UltraAVX auditoriums, which offer digital projection and RealD 3D technology, wall-to-wall screens and Dolby sound systems.