Reality TV Stars Amanda Kimmel and Trishelle Cannatella to Co-Star in Poker Competition Series (Exclusive)

Amanda Kimmel Trishelle Cannatella - H 2012

Amanda Kimmel Trishelle Cannatella - H 2012

"Living The Life" will be set in and around the high-stakes poker world.

TORONTO – Amanda Kimmel, no stranger to rivalry on three cycles of Survivor, is co-starring with The Real World’s Trishelle Cannatella on Living the Life, a Canadian competition series where the reality TV stars travel the world competing against one another at and away from the poker table.

“They’re both extremely competitive. And they don’t like to lose,” Josh Kimmel, who created the series for his Montreal-based production shingle Running Hooks Pictures, and will direct the two-part pilot, told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

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Filming is set for the second half of August, for three days in Los Angeles where Amanda Kimmel lives, and the rest in Barcelona, Spain at a PokerStars’ European Poker Tour event.

Josh Kimmel, no relation to Amanda Kimmel, explained Living the Life will take the camera beyond the poker cards to how the two reality TV stars react to winning and losing, both at the poker table and in constant on-screen rivalry.

“If they lose and they go up to their hotel room and smash the TV set, that’s interesting to me,” Kimmel said.

Initially a documentary, Living the Life became a reality TV series to boost its worldwide sales potential.

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“Documentaries don’t have the big fan base that reality TV series do,” Kimmel explained as he looks to exploit the on-screen reality TV personas of Amanda Kimmel and Cannatella.