Reality TV Crew's Helicopter Crashes on College Campus (Video)

Three are injured after a helicopter carrying crewmembers of G4's "Campus PD" goes down near the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus.

A helicopter carrying a reality television crew crashed near the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus, injuring three of the four people aboard. 

The helicopter, carrying crew working for the G4 show Campus PD, went down between apartment buildings shortly after 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters on Sunday told the Associated Press that one of the three passengers walked away but that the other two and the pilot were injured and in serious or critical condition. 

Officials said no one on the ground was injured, and no fatalities were reported. 

University spokeswoman Michelle Fryling said Campus PD has no affiliation with the university, but crewmembers were working with borough police in the area.