Reality TV Producer Greg Lipstone Shares 3 Tips for Segueing Into Scripted Programming

Greg Lipstone’s 3 Lessons for a Scripted Segue - H 2016
Courtesy of Showtime

The former ICM partner's 2015 arrival as CEO of All3Media America, the stateside arm of the U.K. behemoth, prompted a deliberate push into scripted. Here, his tips for build a diverse portfolio.

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1. Make full use of your parent company.

If you look at the company, internationally, a big part of our output is scripted — roughly 45 percent. The vast majority has just been in different territories, like our smaller companies in the U.K., Germany and New Zealand. Now it's about working with all of those companies on the scripted side, the way we already do with the unscripted side.

2. Consider content before distribution.

There are different trends in different places right now, but as a whole, there is an appetite for content in this marketplace in every genre. What's exciting to me is working with the people in this company to figure out ways of placing different content in this market. There are nuances at certain outlets, be it cable versus broadcast, where there are specific needs that projects can be tailored for — but the content itself now dictates, in large part, where it goes.

3. Be prepared to negotiate a different kind of deal.

The scripted business is a slightly different animal, be it co-productions or whatever structure the deal may take. The point is to be in business in the entire market so you're striking a balance.