Rebecca Black 'My Moment' Video Premieres on YouTube

Jeffrey Reed

The “Friday” singer is back with a new song and clip.

Like it or not, Rebecca Black is back for round two.

After the emphatic responses to her first music video, Black released a new video on Monday (with noticably higher production value) for her second single, "My Moment."

Black’s latest release was scheduled to premiere on Monday night at 7 p.m. on Entertainment Tonight, but hit the web a few hours earlier than planned.

“Shh… don’t tell! But my video is up on my channel,” Black tweeted two hours prior than expected. “Check it out NOW!!!”

With more than 400 thousand followers, Black's channel quickly crashed from viewer overload. After briefly giving fans an error message, the video is now up and running.

The 14-year old exploded into viral video fame with her “Friday” vanity release earlier this year. The track sparked controversy on the web, leading to a legal battle that resulted in a temporary removal from YouTube.

Watch the new clip below.