Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Viewed Online More Than Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber Videos

Getty Images

YouTube sensation Rebecca Black’s video for “Friday” has been viewed more online than Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" and Justin Bieber's "Pray," according to Visible Measures, a company that tracks performance of Web videos.

Black's low-budget video — in which the 13-year-old is seen riding in a car with friends, singing "fun, fun, think about fun" — has racked up nearly 100 million views on YouTube since it hit the web Feb. 10.
Thanks to copies of the video, spoofs and other versions available online, "Friday" has generated more than 200 million views, reports Visible Measures.
Gaga's  "Born This Way" video has produced more than 180 million online views; Bieber's "Pray" has generated more than 65 million views, the company said.