Rebecca Black Strikes Back at 'Haters' in New Song

Jeffrey Reed

The teenage singer's second single, "My Moment," has registered more than one million views on YouTube since Monday.

YouTube singing sensation Rebecca Black is striking back at critics in her new song, "My Moment."

The teenager said on the CBS Early Show Tuesday that she sends a little message to "haters" in the tune, " 'Friday' was such a hit and to get something you have to find the perfect song that kind of tells off the haters a little bit, but still shows that you're a serious artist."

Citing her mother as her strongest supporter, Black went on to say that she has moved beyond caring what others think of her, "Luckily the haters don't have to watch 'Friday' or 'My Moment,' they can turn it off if they want. It doesn't bother me anymore."

"My Moment" was released Monday and addresses Black's pundits directly with lyrics such as, "Were you the one who said that I would be nothing?/Well, I'm about to prove you wrong/I'm not the only one who believes in something/My one wish is about to come true."

The song is similar to "Friday" in that it repeats its title over and over in the song, "This is my moment, my moment/ It's my time, flying high/Feels like my moment/my moment/ I've waiting for so long/ But now everybody knows this is my moment/my moment."

As of Tuesday morning, "My Moment" has 1,615, 447 views on YouTube. Another tally recording viewers' opinions of the song is split between 77,768 "likes" and 128,588 "dislikes."