Rebecca Black Tops Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga as No. 1 Trending Topic

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Rebecca Black

The 14-year-old became an instant viral sensation with her vanity released record and video, "Friday."

The midpoint of 2011 has arrived and to look back on the past six months, a lot has happened in the world of pop culture. We suddenly lost the likes of Nate Dogg and Clarence Clemons, Charlie Sheen unleashed a violent torpedo of truth on us all, Lady Gaga came out of an egg and Justin Beiber told us to Never Say Never.

All of this, however, pales in comparison to the force that is Rebecca Black's "Friday." Though Gaga boasts 11.3 million followers on Twitter and Bieber 10.7 million, neither of them managed to out-trend Black and her army of more than 37 thousand followers.

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A collection of data released by Twitter on Thursday, June 30, found Black to be the most talked about pop culture topic for 2011. Between the emphatic responses to her music video, a legal battle causing said video to be briefly pulled from YouTube, and the vicious rumors that 14-year-old Black was with child -- it's been a banner year already. Not to mention landing an appearance in Katy Perry's "T.G.I.F. (Last Friday Night)" video.

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Also making the list was Britney Spears' latest album and supporting tour, a Brazilian mixed martial artist, a Grammy Award nominated British rock band and of course, #tigerblood.

Find the top 10 pop culture and news Trending Topics below.

Pop culture:
 1. Rebecca Black - pop singer
 2. Femme Fatale - newly-released Britney Spears album
 3. Charlie Sheen - actor
 4. #tigerblood - hashtag popularized by Charlie Sheen
 5. Nate Dogg - rapper
 6. Anderson Silva - Brazilian mixed martial artist
 7. Tom & Jerry - famous cartoon
 8. Mumford & Sons - British rock band
 9. Bieber alert - referring to artist Justin Bieber
10. Queen Gaga - referring to artist Lady Gaga

1. AH1N1 - Swine Flu
2. Mubarak - former Egyptian President
3. Easter - Christian holiday
4. Cairo - capital of Egypt
5. #prayforjapan - sentiment following the March earthquake and tsunami
6. Chernobyl - site of nuclear disaster in 1986
7. Libia/Libya - site of an ongoing civil war
8. Fukushima - Japanese nuclear power plant
9. William & Kate - Newly-named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
10. Gadafi - Libyan political leader